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Welcome to Transformations Health and Healing

OUR passion is health. Our mission is Healing.

Transformations Health and Healing exists to assist women 50+  achieve sustainable health. We are committed to the health and well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.  Through our five- point health and healing philosophy, we seek to provide specialized coaching and wellness programs individualized to our client’s goals and needs. We are invested in our clients and strive to exceed their expectation. We care about our clients as individuals and are dedicated to providing services that focus on transforming their bodies, belief systems, and ultimately their lives.

Wellness programs might not be uncommon in this day and age, but what makes us different is the fact that we consider each individual as a unique being.  So we won’t be handing out general tips and advice just for the sake of it. Rather, we’ll be setting milestones that are only applicable to your journey. No fads or gimmicks just tried and true methods based on the latest research and science in the health and fitness industry.


What Our Programs Provide You


Transformations Health and Healing is guided by a team of Health Coaches, Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, and Personal Trainers who provide overall direction and commitment to your health and wellness needs. We manage your progress in a caring, non-judgmental, and prescriptive way. Our team leverages more than 20 years of experience along with degrees, certifications and ongoing training that allows us to provide the highest quality of service. 


We offer comprehensive wellness assessments geared toward ensuring that wellness plans are customized to your needs and goals. 


We won't blow your budget just to give you a temporary makeover. We offer a variety of affordable and flexible payment options to fit your budget.  We never want cost to be a factor when managing your health. 



We provide opportunities for small group support and accountability, wellness challenges, text/phone communication support, virtual work-out community, and inspirational scriptures and affirmations.

Why You Should Trust Us

Letting someone into your life is not easy. We promise that we will be pairing you with the most reliable  professionals in the health and wellness industry.

Here are a few measures that we take to show that your health and well-being is our top priority.

  • We do extensive background checks to find the best health and wellness professionals..

  • We hire only Licensed Professionals.

  • We provide technology-inclined services that get monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

  • We go the extra mile to ensure that client satisfaction is met throughout the experience.

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