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Working to Integrate Healthy Habits 

Many of our tastes, food cravings, and general attitudes toward food are strongly influenced by our environment. The average modern diet is loaded with sugar, fat and sodium, all of which condition us to want more of these items. Drastically cutting calories, eliminating entire food groups or depriving yourself of foods you actually like are not strategies for long-term success. Here at Transformations Health and Healing, we have the solution to help you manage your health in a, sustainable way. Our Blueprint to Healthy  provides a holistic approach that focuses on principles of science and lifestyle management.

Whether you have specific lifestyle goals or looking for dietary support in managing a medical condition, we help you build a plan  that fits  your lifestyle goals. Our Lifestyle Mangement Program offers a comprehensive approach to managing your life. Our health coach works with you to customize a plan that aligns with your lifestyle and medical goals. This plan addresses the following lifestyle goals and medical conditions: 


General Health, Weight Loss, Endurance, Increase Energy, Muscle Gain, Stress Management, Sleep Management 


High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Iron Deficient Anemia, B12 Anemia, Chronic Pain .

Program Ingredients

Our programs are designed to help you maintain and healthy lifestyle, We offer a non-medical programs inclusive of nutrition education, health coaching, stress management, sleep management and active movement. .You'll work with our team of experts to build healthy habits that will put you on the road to a healthier lifestyle. 

How it Works

We work  one-on-one with you to  provide strategies and set goals to help you change destructive habits and break the “diet mentality” for good. Our Blueprint to Healthy arms you with tools that will help you approach health and wellness  with a more positive and productive mindset.  Discover how to: 


Find your "why" helps your explore how weight loss connects with your purpose. You’ll evaluate the "why" behind your weight loss and set wellness goals that focus on understanding your why, identifying obstacles and developing action plans that will assist you in boosting your success.


Transform the idea of "being "skinny" to living a fit, healthy and nutritious life. Break the obsession with the number on the scale and learn strategies to measure weight loss success in a more meaningful way.

track your intake

Studies show that logging your food intake is an effective method for weight loss.  It forces you to think about what and how much you’re eating. Learn to consistently and effectively use "ATE Mindful Eating" to track and evaluate your eating habits and patterns, set goals, and create meals plans. Track what you ate, why you ate, and how it made you feel.

Stack Your Habits

Learn steps to integrate new habits into your daily routine by incorporating small changes into a routine that you follow daily.


Learn to incorporate the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity into your week with fun, safe, and challenging movement. 


Explore the strong relationship with quality of sleep and lifestyle management and develop healthy sleeping habits. 

Manage Stress

You  will engage in step-by-step coaching that focus on stress awareness, stress mindset, stress resilience, stress prevention, relaxation & self- regulation.

love yourself

Learn to embrace unique internal and external changes that have taken place in your body, mind, and spirit and gain tools and strategies for maintaining proper self-care.


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