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God's Design For Sustainable Weight Loss

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2

As the pace of life accelerates, we are all learning to adjust to the constant demands of career, motherhood for some, relationships and ministry. The easiest thing to do is get distracted. Sometimes we need to retreat into an environment where we don’t need to worry about the 'to-do' lists,

Our Faith, Food, and Fitness Program allows you to do just that. We provide a non-judgmental, supportive environment that challenges you to discover balance and restoration through proper fitness, nutrition, and self-care. We offer a holistic program that promotes transformation from the inside out.

Program Ingredients

Our comprehensive program connects faith, food and fitness through the practical application of science-based and biblical principles that promote body, mind, and spirit transformation. You'll receive faith coaching, food strategies and a fitness program customized to help you achieve your health and healing goals. 


We are often hindered in conquering and overcoming our struggles with food because of the battles that war in our minds. A thought is conceived and before we know it, we’re indulging in food and other devices that slowly destroy our temple. 

Faith Coaching is a journey towards better health God's Way. We will engage in faith-based wellness activities that will provide tools and strategies to help you:

  • Manage Cravings
  • Overcome Emotional Eating
  • Set Boundaries
  • Rid yourself of the emotional bondage the keeps you on the up and down yo-yo. 
  • Recognize Soul Hunger vs. Physical Hunger
  • Overcome self-defeating thoughts and habits


Your Faith Coaching will be determined based on a comprehensive wellness assessment designed to target barriers to weight loss. You will set incremental goals and establish action plans for success. As you work through the barriers that often keep you bound and activate God's principles for weight loss, it is our hope that you will begin to turn your focus inward, looking to God to be your source, not food. All activities will assist you in making healthier choices. Your weight loss will be an outward manifestation of an inward and lasting change.

God's Recipe for Weight Loss

We are consumed by many authorities on what to and what not to eat. Fad diets come and go, and the science of nutrition can often seem overwhelming. This makes it hard to know who to trust and what to trust. 

The Bible holds the recipe to the ultimate dietary plan. God's Recipe for Weight Loss provides biblical guidelines on what we should eat to nourish, satisfy and strengthen our boides in every way. 


We will use biblical principles to help you develop a healthy relationship with food. This non-diet approach is designed to help you unpack food obstacles the prevent you from living your best life. Our nutritionist will provide nutrition education that is both science and biblically based along with strategies and recipes for meal planning.  Our meal plan offers meals with a balanced proportion of macronutrients to balance blood sugar, hormone levels, mood stability and promote heart health. 

You'll engage in food journaling using the Ate Mindful Eating app and receive motivational emails and texts to help you stay on track.  You'll also participate in weekly accountability calls/emails to monitor your progress and assess and refine goals. God's Recipe for Weight Loss will give you the tools to eat healthy foods and put you on the road to sustainable health and healing. 




We utilize the latest in digital technology to help you lose weight, gain strength, tone muscles, reduce stress and reach your fitness goals.  No need for a gym membership. Workout anywhere, anytime with hundreds of on-demand workouts to fit any fitness level. Whether you're looking for a 5-minute stretch or a 45-minute HIIT Training, or a virtual bootcamp, these budget-friendly programs taught by top personal trainers will boost your energy and help you get results. 

Option 2:  Customized Fitness Training


This program makes it convenient and easy for you to know exactly what workouts to do and how to do them to get the body that you want.

These do-anywhere workouts are customized to fit your schedule and fitness level. They are designed to boost your metabolism by torching fat and toning muscle so you can get fit and stay healthy. 

How it works

We utilize comprehensive assessments and physical activity analysis to help you select the program that best fits your fitness goals and busy schedule. You will have the option to workout on your own following the customized plan or virtually with our on-demand workout plans. 


Getting Started

Are you ready to begin your transformation  journey?  Schedule your free consultation with one of our Transformations Team Members. Our team member will utilize a battery of wellness assessments to understand your unique needs and match you with a customized wellness program that best fits your budget and wellness goals. 



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