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Our Holistic Health and Healing Programs helps you shape your life in a way that empowers you to achieve sustainable transformation. This non-diet approach to weight loss focuses on the habits and behaviors that impact your ability to live an active, nutritious and balanced life. You'll work with our highly credentialed team of Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist, Weight Management Specialist, and Dietitian partner to create a health and healing plan driven by our comprehensive wellness assessment.

We recognize the value of accountability in achieving results. That's why we've developed a coaching strategy, delivered by our Health Coaches, that addresses the stages of change and behavioral norms that shape your health habits. Our Health Coaches will work with you to clarify your goals, hold you to a reasonable timeline, and to help develop strategies to manage triggers and overcome obstacles that get in the way of achieving your health and healing goals. Through our holistic approach, we'll work with you to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and empower you with tools and strategies built on both science and biblical principles of fitness and nutrition.

Program Ingredients

We offer health and healing programs based on your needs and wellness goals. Each program is inclusive of Fitness, Nutrition, Meal Planning, and Health Coaching. Our team will work with you to build a program that fits your needs budget and, busy schedule. 

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12 Fixes For Life - Personal Wellness Plan

 This self-paced program is designed to provide  step-by-step instructions on how, what, and when to eat and gives you small and simple actions plans to follow. You will be led to eat less unhealthy food without counting calories or dieting. 

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Weight Loss Management

Our Nutritionist work with you to build long-term lifestyle habits to maintain a healthy body weight. You will learn daily mindful and  healthy eat habits, increase physical activity levels, and blast those  self-defeating  thoughts that keep you from total transformation: body, mind, and spirit. 

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Fitness Training

Our Fitness Training offers customized daily workout plans delivered through
1 -on-1 live sessions and virtual applications. . No need to spend countless hours in the gym. All of our workout plans can be done in the comfort of your own home

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Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches work with you to develop behavioral modification strategies that promote strong physical, mental and emotional well-being. You will learn the skills needed to affect a shift in behavior that will allow you to achieve better results quicker.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Our nutrition programs promote a non-diet approach to weight loss and disease management. Our registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) works with you to build healthy mindsets and eating habits to prevent and combat chronic disease.

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Getting Started

Are you ready to begin your transformation  journey?  Schedule your free consultation with one of our Transformations Team Members. Our team member will utilize a battery of wellness assessments to understand your unique needs and match you with a customized wellness program that best fits your budget and wellness goals. 



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