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Customized Transformational Package

What's Included

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Transformations Health and Healing LLC customized package helps you achieve your health and wellness goals by providing nutrition, exercise, and transformational expertise.

BurnAlong Fitness

Set yourself up for success. BurnAlong's unparalleled range of classes and cutting-edge technology is why 5x more people stick with this program compared to other online programs.

BurnAlong members range from professional athletes to pregnant women to people struggling with diabetes and back pain. Whatever your goal, they have the classes to help you succeed.

28 Day Refresh Meal Plan

Anderson’s Nutrition has a robust meal planning program powered by Living Plate. Together, they provide comprehensive menu planning programs for each client to achieve their healthy living goals. 

With ample amounts of recipes and the expertise from the Dietitians at Anderson’s Nutrition, this program creates a unique and realistic approach to bringing dinner back to the table in an easy, time-saving way.

Transformational Coaching

Give yourself the tools to succeed long-term with one-on-one transformational coaching with Stacy. 

Your coaching sessions will guide you, encourage you, and challenge you to take the necessary internal steps towards achieving your health and wellness goals by addressing the root emotional state which guides everyday subconscious actions. 

Why You Should Trust Us

Wellness programs might not be uncommon in this day and age, but what makes us different is the fact that we consider each individual as a unique being. So we won’t be handing out general tips and advice just for the sake of it. Rather we’ll be setting milestones for your personal growth and development that are only applicable to your journey.

Interested in customizing your transformation?

Transformations Health and Healing LLC can offer you a customized month-by-month program, giving you the tools to transform your life without the 6 or 12-week commitment. This customized holistic wellness program helps shape your life in a way which empowers you to achieve sustainable transformation.

Customized Program Pricing

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.



Monthly Online Membership

Unlimited workout choices.

Social motivation from an online community.

Professional guidance from fitness instructors.

Exercise anywhere online.


Living Plate 


28 Day Fresh Meal Plan

Delicious foods customized to fit any lifestyle.

Anderson's Nutrition of nutritionists will guide you to success in the kitchen.

Save time and money by having a plan and knowing exactly what you need.


Transformational Coaching


Special 30 Day offer

Behavior Modification encourages you to shape your life choices in a positive way.

Spiritual Wellness helps clear your head and eliminate stress.

Small Group Support is a non-judgmental circle that is always rooting for you.


Ready to CUSTOMIZE your transformation?

Contact us now, and let's get started today!